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Europe's leader in online instant credit

UCICF is a credit institution, licensed and supervised by the European Central Bank and the Bank of Sweden. Constant innovation, cutting-edge technology and an exceptional user experience have given over a million customers access to instant, simple and transparent credit.

We have developed an unrivalled consumer loan product that enables instant final credit decisions thanks to a seamless customer experience. We offer European households – in Sweden, Slovakia, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany – the best financing solutions for projects and purchases up to 18,000,000 euros.

To finance all your projects

Define the exact amount you wish to borrow. What best suits your needs. Check your repayment capacity before taking out a loan.

Choose the amount, monthly repayments and term of your consumer credit.

Apply for your personal loan online and receive a reply in principle within minutes.

Receive the funds once your application has been reviewed and approved by our advisors.

Our mission: to promote the financial well-being of our customers

Responsible and protective
We offer responsible, protective loans to finance our customers’ projects: amortizable loans only, systematic credit analysis, no hidden fees.

Learn the right way to manage your money with objective savings.

We suggest savings opportunities through our free financial coaching solution, and offer insurance products to better protect our customers against life’s unexpected events.

Credit for every moment of your life

Car credit

Leasing or credit? Read our guides and news about vehicle financing options.

Work Credit

Tips like zero-interest loans can help you finance your project. Take a look at the guides and news on work credit possibilities.

Consumer credit

Consumer credit is a special type of credit. Don't forget to read our guides and news on financing consumer products.

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Progress funding services

Simplified consumer loan applications

Consumer credit is a special type of credit. Don’t forget to read our guides and news on financing consumer products. UCICF makes your projects smarter. Low-rate consumer credit: the complete ucicf guide.

Smart Notification

Conditions for obtaining a online loan

To obtain a business loan, you need to put together a loan file, of which the business plan is the central element. It provides an in-depth understanding of the economic, organizational, financial and commercial aspects of your business.

Funding Community

In-Fine Loan

With a business in-fine loan, you pay the loan interest and insurance at each repayment date, but the capital is due in full at the end of the contract. For businesses in particular, it offers tax advantages.

If you need support in your search for finance, submit your business loan application and a specialist will get back to you.

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Cash credit

Overdraft facility: granted by the bank for a few days' overdraft (payment of salaries, VAT, etc.).

Documentary credit

The bank undertakes to guarantee the importer payment for the goods on export in exchange for documents certifying the dispatch and quality of the goods.

pre-financing loan

Advances on goods (credit on pledged stock, mobilisation of foreign receivables, etc.). This type of credit can cover up to 100% of the monthly overdraft, lasts for the duration of the overdraft and its cost is linked to the money market rate.


The company transfers its commercial paper to the banker (bills of exchange, promissory notes, etc.), who pays the company an amount deducted from the outstanding premiums.

Cession Dailly

Financing technique used by a factor (financial company) under an agreement. The factor buys the trade receivables from the company seeking cash in return for a commission and a security deposit.

Long-term loans

Long-term loans are for 7 to 20 years and are often financed by a specialised financial institution that provides the loan finance from bond resources. This is the ideal loan for financing commercial property.

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Businesses need to finance a variety of investments on an ongoing basis: business assets when setting up or expanding a business, the purchase of shares in a company, business equipment, and vehicles to run the business. Get a free credit simulation.


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